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In 1980 received the first patent, as dietary supplements, and many consumers report that life-changing benefits.

The human body can not be used in the organic-inorganic minerals must become before the body can process them.

Schroeder Dr.Henry study also shows the indium helps the human body that can incorporate other trace elements that would otherwise not be utilized. Dr.Henry Schroeder, the kidney is directly proportional to the quantity of copper and manganese indium was consumed.

Indium Hidden History

The indiumot has been used for health, but the extensive role of dietary supplements rather new. Originally patented in 1980 and 1999 újraszabadalmaztatott indium effectively and safely adds a lot of demanding consumer needs.

The experiments carried out in 1975 were unable to determine the levels of indium in the human body, due to the low degree of concentration.

In the wild, so a small amount of indium occurs and is not water soluble form, to the food chain does not exist.

The following information is a large part of the United States Patent Office of the documentation that arrived from.
Very small amounts of indium in the earth's crust, also known as a micro-minerals. As is known, the minerals have a natural inorganic materials. The human body can not use them directly, while inorganic state.
Simply stated, the plants absorb inorganic minerals from the soil and by photosynthesis converted to organic form that people can use.
However, indium is a vanishingly small amounts in nature, that is simply not in the food chain.
Other opinions that the indium levels in the soil is so low, that measurements can not be detected, in whole or non-existent.
In 1975, studies the human body is not able to detect the presence of low concentrations of indium.
Because life without indium, but diseases and other health problems, surrounded by the definition that we find that the indium is not necessary for life, but is necessary for health.

Indium and cancer

The indiummal research is now underway, and an interesting and perhaps very remarkable event turned out.
A 1993 study showed that the indium looked up and saturation in tumor tissue. This is good news, considering the fact that the indium-general in reduction of tumor properties.
A 1971 study found that indium supplementation reduced the number of cancers.

Dr.Henry Schroeder also noted that lung cancer is especially the case of indium anti-carcinogenic effects of other trace elements were compared, no effect in terms of better stated, indiumot do not use the results of the comparison group.
In one study it was observed that the indium prevented
MCF-7 and Hel cells of the cervix grow.

Bone Cancer also conducted research and found that the indium positive results.
There is limited experience in late-stage cancer patients and their advantages of indium is difficult in their case. The experience is that indium effectively alter the outcome. Interestingly, the beneficial effect of indium noticeably improved well-being of the area was discovered.

Indium and weight loss

Dr.Henry Schroeder found that the use of indium resulted in decreased body weight. Even more interesting is the fact that the indium was more effective in women than in men. Because the women in the lower proportion of muscle mass, indium may give you that 'extra boost', which is necessary for weight loss.

Dr.Henry Schroeder also discovered that I am using indium could enjoy better health than those who did not eat indiumot. For men, the indium has helped to keep the amount of muscle you have lost through aging and the decline of growth hormone and free testosterone decreases. The indium an energetic lifestyle for most people who supplement their diets with it. More power usually results in more physical activity, and thus more calories are burned in direct proportion.

If someone paying proper attention to the degree of metabolic function, this advantage becomes available. The body-building athletes have been aware of this fact. Hours a day train that muscle tissue can be in the form of their body weight to the FOR. Many thousands of calories to eat each day, just to be able to perform functions of the body "fuel". Those who do not want this to work so hard for a long time, they can provide similar benefits to the indium.

Indiumot not in women taking 20% ​​of body weight in the form of fat gained weight, while those who took indiumot, not at all fat enriched their stock.

The Indium users have known for two decades in anti-depressive effect, and also that the indium is able to arouse euphoria and well-being just a few days after use.

Indiumnak two important effects on its ability to stimulate the body to optimize the integration of food materials, and the red blood cells that help extend the lifespan of 90 to 120 days.

The consumption of indium absorption and efficacy of the indicators:

- The zone of normal libido to return in two weeks, women and men alike.

- The consumer well-being of the powerful return of the feel of one or two weeks.

- The families claim that the use indiumot family member "is easier to live with"

- The sense of smell improved.

- Less sleep is needed in a week or two.

- The second type of diabetes using insulin may be reduced in two weeks.

- The type of glaucoma intraocular pressure was reduced from three months.

The signs of indium supplementation is useful for picking within a 5-10 day mark. Some serious health problems. As the blood sugar imbalances, neurological disorders and eye problems, sometimes even two to three weeks go by, while there is an improvement. Complicated it is a waiting period of 6 months is not uncommon, but it's still better than the alternatives offered by hopelessness.

The indium and sports performance

The active athletes, who are usually due to muscle pain to rest, a 10% increase without the burden of their pain. The indium helps reduce lactic acid accumulation, because you can quickly deduce the tissues.

A study conducted in Budapest, which will be issued a well-known magazine, showed that 20 to 30 year olds can be beneficial for the consumption of indium. This study of the Hungarian National Team of Kung Fu 15 male member contribution is made. The blood images, the subjects who did not have parasites or diseases. Afterwards, each team member has undergone fitness survey.
Sixty days every athlete in the morning on an empty stomach with a drop indiumot taken. Sixty days after the re-survey participants. Thirteen of the 15 experimental alanyból 20% overall strength development showed no side effects. Two patients, one in his late 30's, the other for 40 years, both long distance and, therefore, conduct an experiment. Two weeks and we both took a drop indiumot a day. After two weeks, both 30% increase was observed in terms of distance traveled.
Two bodybuilding friend indiumot taken as the sole dietary supplements for 90 days and just kind of average, everyday meals were. Two months later, 40% more weight they were able to fekvenyomni.

Indium consumers can not use creatine!

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